josh-stuckeyMaster Josh Stuckey

Master Stuckey taught taekwondo for 4 years while attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.  He additionally taught at Sang Kim’s Taekwondo Institute as the head instructor, where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year.  He has been a coach at NTA for the last 12 years and has coached several local, state, and national champions.  He started the Hanmadang Program at NTA which has produced many champions as well.  His two biggest accomplishments have been “being married to my amazing wife Anna, and having the opportunity to raise my son, Achilles Troy Stuckey”.

master-amir-shresthaMaster Amir Shrestha

Master Shrestha started taekwondo in Nepal in 1984.  He received his black belt in 1990 where he then worked as a National Taekwondo coach for 10 years.  After moving to the U.S. he started working at NTA in 2006.  He has continued as an instructor here until the present time, where he has coached many athletes to championships. In addition, he is a Second Class International Referee for WTF, and a 3rd Class Master Instructor for Kukkiwon.

master-nate-putneyMaster Nate Putney

Nate Putney has been a taekwondo instructor at NTA since 2007. He is a Kukkiwon-certified 4th Degree Black Belt and has been practicing taekwondo since 1995.  He is a 4 time National Champion and after becoming a coach, has become NTA’s specialist in weapons and board break training.  He also coaches in the successful Hanmadang Program.


master-thomas-rahimiMaster Thomas Rahimi

Thomas Rahimi is both a coach and competitor at NTA.  He has been a U.S. National Team Member since 2011, a 2010 U.S. Junior National Team Member, a Texas State Team Member, and a 2014 and 2015 US World Cup Team Member.  Thomas has been competing throughout the world on an international level for many years.

master-thu-doolittleMaster Thu Doolittle

Master Doolittle has not only coached many of NTA’s athletes to national success, she has simultaneously continued to compete nationally and internationally in Poomsae.  She was the bronze medalist at the 1987 National Collegiate Championships, the 1989 National Championships, and the 1989 Olympic Sport Festival.  She also took the gold medal at the 2010 National Championships in sparring, and the silver at the 1988 National Collegiate Championships.  In 2011, she was USAT Poomsae Team member attended 7th World Poomsae Championship in Russia.  In addition to her competition success, Master Doolittle was honored to be named as a USAT Poomsae Team manager, and a USAT Poomsae referee for level 2 and WTF International.

hanssel-llanosHanssel Llanos

Hanssel Llanos has been in the sport of taekwondo for 20 years.  He is a coach and active competitor.  He is a former Junior Mexican National Team Member from 2004-2006, a 4 time collegiate medalist, gold medalist at the G-1 ranked Costa Rica Open, and was a USA team member for the 2016 Rio Olympic Test. In addition to his taekwondo accomplishments, he was the varsity quarterback for his high school.

joseph-e-aguonJoseph E. Aguon

Joseph Aguon is a 15 year taekwondo veteran.  He started taekwondo in Michigan under Master Shin, moved to Texas and trained under Dennis Pinaroc and Terry Stoker, then came to NTA in 2011.

He was the 2014 National Collegiate Taekwondo Association Fin Weight Champion and the NCTA Freshman of the Year.  He placed third at the 2014 USAT Team Trials, and is a certified USAT referee. Joe was also an All State high school wrestler in 2012.

ruhi-deshmukhRuhi Deshmukh

Ruhi Deshmukh is an instructor and athlete for NTA.  She was a referee for the 2015 Texas State tournament.  She specializes in power and speed board breaking at Hanmadang competitions, and placed first in two events at Hanmadang in Plano, and second and third in two events at the U.S. Open Hanmadang Colorado in 2013.  In 2014 she placed first in three events at Hanmadang McKinney, and placed second and third in two events at the U.S. Open Hanmadang in Colorado.  Outside of taekwondo, Ruhi is a competitive swimmer. She won 2 silver medals at the State swim meet which qualified her for nationals in 2015 where her relay placed 2nd in the nation.

zac-batemanZac Bateman

Zac Bateman started Taekwondo here at NTA when he was six years old and is now a 2nd degree black belt. He competed at 2012 National Tournament and placed second, placed third at the Hanmadang Open in the summer of 2014, and placed third at the 2014 Texas State Tournament.

cole-hickeyCole Hickey

Cole Hickey is an instructor and athlete for NTA. Before coming to NTA he was a US Army Specialist from 2011-2014 serving 1 year near Seattle and 2 years in Korea in the 2nd Infantry Division Demonstration Team. He is also well versed in speaking Korean. He has also been a part of the 2015 Texas State Poomsae Team and placed 3rd in All-Around Breaking at the World Taekwondo Hanmadang in 2015 and 1st in All-Around Breaking at the World Taekwondo Hanmadang in 2016. He is currently a student at North Lake College in Irving and is in majoring in Kinesiology.


ben-aguonBen Aguon

Benjamin Aguon is a 2nd degree black belt and has been an instructor at NTA for one year. He is a USAT Taekwondo Referee and a graduate of Lamar High School.